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Project Details

People love food, drinks and… clothes! Smart shop is a concept for a new shopping experience while having a cup of coffee, light snacks and tapas focusing on small shareable plates.

Sometimes shopping can be a long and arduous task: messy stores, finding items you want, carrying them all to the changeroom, waiting in lines… etc. Smart shop is a concept for an in store browsing app that lets you search apparel and what’s in store from the comfort of your home or seated within the store. What makes this concept different is that it adds a personal shopping experience while b

Information was first collected through surveys done with personal friends and colleagues. Personas were then created based on that information to keep a specific clientele in mind while designing the app.

Journey Map

A journey map was then created in order to put the experience as a whole into perspective including interactions outside of using the app and then across several touchpoints with the app.


I created 3 personas to help me identify different interests, wants and needs of potential users.

The Design

The next step was a style guide to reflect a specific theme and feel within the app. Afterwards, mockups were initiated based on the personas and the journey map that were created.

I wanted the colour scheme to be gender neutral and I wanted to incorporate different shades of brown to emit a coffeehouse / coffeeshop type ambience and feel.

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