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The previous private bank client website was outdated. The portal design was not responsive and the interface felt bland and did not capture the user’s attention.

Project Details

Redesigning the Private Banking Portal came with several technical constraints. The platform the portal was built on was originally built on a rigid web architecture. The redesign had to be done using only CSS changes. The HTML of the website had to remain intact. Along with coordinating with developers from the vendor solution team as well as an overseas development team in India. Processes had to be efficient and constant communication was important.

The Design

Initially, this was the ideal design was proposed before the technical constraints were made clear. It followed the newer BMO Branding and design system.

I was responsible for designing both a feasible design as well as implementing it. Fortunately the HTML code base was upgraded and incorporated Bootstrap. Using only CSS stylesheet overrides, the redesign was successful with the additional benefit of being responsive which was not an initial requirement but a huge win for the project.

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