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The objective of this exercise was to improve Nobul’s onboarding process. We want to encourage users to sign up, ask home sellers validating questions and enable the seller to upload pictures to create a listing.

UXThe main goal of this UX exercise was to increase conversion for Nobul’s onboarding and simplify their KYC (Know Your Client) process for a home seller that wants to list their property for sale.


A good foundation for human centered design is built on knowing exactly who we are trying to help and what they’re trying to do.  These 3 personas help give examples of who might be using this service. Here, we can try to identify their needs, experiences, behaviours and goals.

It doesn’t have to be our forever home. We just need more space for our growing family.
– The Parker family

The Workflow

The task at hand was to create UI wireframes of a possible workflow for their onboarding KYC process.  The following requirements needed to be considered:

  1. A series of validating questions about the seller and their property.
  2. Request for the user to sign up with an account.
  3. Allow user to upload photos of their property to create a listing.

Design Thinking

The last task was to sign up and take a look at Nobul’s welcome page as pictured below and explore the following:

  • Mention 3 improvements that you would suggest
  • How would you increase the engagement rate on this page
  • How would you suggest Nobul would be able to increase the click thru rate


3 recommended improvements I would make to the current onboarding would be:

  • I would minimize the help tips, perhaps even remove it and move the content into an overlay tutorial if needed.
  • I would move the local agent proposals to the very top of the screen to give it more focus as this is the information I would imagine the user to be most interested and want to interact with.
  • I would integrate the agent proposals into the main content and visually displayed so that the proposals feel more similar to search results such as when searching for.

Increasing Engagement

Suggestions I would make to increase engagement:

  • Moving the main content up to the very top of the page would help the user focus on the main details.
  • I would think to add a favourite / like button to each agent so that users can save preferred agents without messaging them yet for later.
  • An expandable read more section that gives more important details about the agent without leaving the page would allow users to browse through agents more efficiently.

Improving the click through rate

Suggestions I would make to improve the click through rate:

  • The language on the page needs to be consistent with the buttons. For example, from the tips, the main call to action is “Compare & Connect” However there is no “Connect” button anywhere.
  • The real estate agent details when clicking on learn more feel so disconnected from this first page. It might help if some of the detailed agent info could move into an expandable section on the first page.
  • Click through rates would improve if the navigation back and forth could feel more seamless and more browsable as if sorting through search results.

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